Welcome to The KA Inc. Academy Course offerings. These courses are all foundational and essential in your long-term success. Big dreams take intensive work. In the KA Inc. Academy, these courses will continue to serve you in your future, over and over again. Lay the ground work now, for BIG things to come.

The Results Map takes a new approach to planning and increasing outcomes while transforming your life and biz to ultimate success. The Results Map will show you how to get crystal clear in every area of your life, while mapping out THE plan to make it really happen. Start seeing BIG results in less time while living a blissful life too!

The Results Map will guide you through a 3-part fundamental system to build the biz and brand you have always dreamed of. The trainings will be guided by chapter readings in The Results Map book. Here is how to build YOUR map:

Perspective:  Own your purpose, overcome fear and change, use your past to thrive now

Strategy: Define your key planned accomplishments and how to leverage your actions

Results: Build systems to drive your strategic map to see results

The Results Map Course

One biz, one life, One Map. The Results Map Program will guide you to build your map to mirror your planned growth in your biz and living the life you dream of. Foundational learning to clear the clutter and focus on what really matters in every area of your life. Yes, you can have it all!

  • Intro Video
  1. Training 1: Chapters 1 – 3: The Starting Point, Fear of the Horizon, Heavy Weight
  2. Training 2: Chapter 4: Get Clear
  3. Training 3: Chapters 5 - 6: Your Crew & The Destination
  4. Training 4: Chapter 7: Chart your Course
  5. Training 5: Chapter 8: Defining those Boundaries
  6. Training 6: Chapters 9 – 11: Getting it Done, All In, Onward
  • Summary Video


One Program. One Grid. The Grow Grid guides you to establish a bullet proof foundation and systems, build out/elevate programming and offers, then launch and scale. The Grow Grid is essential to show you how to stay true to your brand, how to serve your audience and show up 5 star to make a difference and impact the world.

The Grow Grid will guide you through a 3-part success system:

Foundation: You Niche, Your Message and the core of your brand and biz

Development: Programming, Buckets of Biz, Pricing and Packaging

Growth: Scaling and Strategy

Foundation of your Brand Course: Foundation

The foundation of your brand is essential to any biz success. In this course, you will learn how to build a solid foundation in order to scale and build in the future. Foundation is one of the biggest reasons brands struggle. Be the difference.

  • Intro video
  1. Training 1: Mindset
  2. Training 2: Credibility
  3. Training 3: Marketing
  4. Training 4: Branding
  5. Training 5: Programming
  • Summary video

Find You Course: Foundation

Find You is all about Marketing. In the Find You course, you will learn the key areas of how your audience can see and understand you and your brand. Forewarning, this is tough work, and will make the biggest difference in growing your biz!

  • Intro video
  1. Training video 1: Niche and example
  2. Training video 2: Title
  3. Training video 3: Targeted audience
  4. Training video 4: Leveraging your marketing position
  • Summary video

Get You Course: Foundation

Get You is all about Branding. In the Get You course, you will learn how to position your branding and programming so you audience can determine easily, that you are a fit for them. The search is over, you are their person!

  • Intro video
  1. Training video 1: Foundational Message
  2. Training video 2: Foundational Platform
  3. Training video 3: Website assessment
  4. Training video 4: Leveraging your branding position
  • Summary video

Need You Course: Foundation

Need you is all about connecting the dots. In the Need You course, you will learn how to position your brand and services, so your audience can see that you are their solution!

  • Intro video
  1. Training video 1: Pain Points
  2. Training video 2: Categorizing brand offerings
  3. Training video 3: Buckets of biz
  4. Training video 4: Leverage your programming position
  • Summary video

Hire You Course: Foundation

Hire you is all about serving. In the Hire You course, you will learn how to show up and leverage your offerings so your services are a no-brainer…and your followers will hire you! Its all about serving the way your audience needs you to show up.

  • Intro video
  1. Training video 1: Owning your lane
  2. Training video 2: Time
  3. Training video 3: Budget
  4. Training video 4: Readiness
  5. Training video 5: Experience
  6. Training video 6: Foundation review
  • Summary video

Program & Grow: Development

The Program and Grow course takes you on a journey in monetizing your brilliance. Build your content with a system that will enable you to lay the solid foundation you dream of while scaling to as big as you dream to grow. The core of your brand is your program. Learn how to build out modules, exercise and workbooks to serve your audience at a 5-star level.

  • Intro video
  1. Training 1: Programming overview
  2. Training 2: Program Outline
  3. Training 3: Module Outlines
  4. Training 4: Program Content
  5. Training 5: Exercises
  6. Training 6: Offers and Pricing
  • Summary video

Plan & Grow: Growth

  • Quarterly and year strategic planning
  • The Win Plan
  • Investments
  • Non-negotiables

Scale & Grow: Growth

  • Audience evolution
  • Positioning, pricing
  • Buckets of biz
  • Growing your lane

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